brooklyn museum

Myself.  Shoes and art, two of my favorite things wrapped into one. The Brooklyn Museum had a High-Heels and Sneaker Exhibit that I just had to go to. Knowing how much I wanted to go, I asked a special person to go with me. Reluctantly, he went.

Its notable to mention, I’ve been to the Brooklyn Museum several times, as it is one of my favorites. But on this occasion, it was special. I was inviting someone into my happy place, my fortress of solitude. Would they be worthy? Truth be told, the verdict is still out. But some people just understand your soul without words.

Although my guest didn’t interpret the artwork or exhibits as I did, that was the magic in it, his interpretation was intriguing. There was an odd commonality in our shared experience and I felt silently understood. 

There were inside jokes that were exchanged through quiet glances and memories made. At the end of it all, we went to the Brooklyn Brewery so he could share something with me. He happened to be an avid craft beer enthusiast who would frequent local and obscure breweries. To this day, I love me a nice IPA with a side of cheeseburger. 

I allowed myself to share a piece of me and was rewarded with a piece of someone else in the process.

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