MoMA | museum of modern art

My friend. Friends are the family you get to choose. My first trip to MoMA was with my good childhood friend to check out the architecture exhibit there. He was studying architecture at the time and habitually ventured into the city to visit some of his favorite places. On this occasion, he invited me to go with him to see object of his passion. 

I had never been, but he navigated the museum easily, like it was his second home. We perused the wings collectively and individually and were able to enjoy intelligent conversion on all we observed. My favorite was discovering the “Electronic Exhibit” which covered the evolution of television, video games, and phones.

It was enjoyable to spend a nice time and good conversation with someone like-minded. Someone who also appreciated beauty and art. And most importantly, could intelligently speak to it. This was another lesson learned. 

It taught me it was important to have people in my life who appreciate the things that bring me joy. Not that they have to like what I like. But be able to have an open-mind and want to actively have an interest in the things that are important to me as well. I thank my friend for the lesson learned in that afternoon. A lesson that some people take a lifetime to learn.

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