museo del barrio

My Ramona. My aunt is my third parent. She is a huge contributor to shaping the person I am today. Part of that is self-love and nurturing oneself via exposure to fine food, art, and literature. She is a chef by trade, an avid traveler, and a voracious reader.

My sisters’ and I planned a 50th birthday celebration for my aunt in the city. We had brunch at a drag show, then headed off to El Museo del Barrio for a special presentation of an original play in Spanish. The joy in her face throughout the day and belly laughs I heard coming from where she sat on the mezzanine to the right of me, was enough to last me a lifetime. She became the show for me.

To explain a bit more, my aunt is a fighter, two time cancer survivor and constantly reinventing herself. Never asks you for anything, but will literally give you the shirt off her back. Not because she has said it or I heard it from someone, but because I’ve witnessed these gestures first-hand. She is one of the wealthiest people I know. When I talk of wealth, I don’t mean monetary, but spiritually. She lives life to the fullest with  no regrets because time is fleeting.

This particular outing  was extremely special not only because it was her 50th birthday, but it was her second time in remission. By the grace of God, she is still with us, spreading joy everywhere she goes. Making us all the richer for it.

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