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museo del barrio

My Ramona. My aunt is my third parent. She is a huge contributor to shaping the person I am today. Part of that is self-love and nurturing oneself via exposure to fine food, art, and literature. She is a chef by trade, an avid traveler, and a voracious reader. My sisters’ and I planned aContinue reading “museo del barrio”


My loves. Now, I don’t have kids yet. But my sister’s kids, ARE my kids. If you have nieces and nephews, you understand. You get to love them and spoil them, and most importantly, give them back at the end of the day. My sister is an artist who frequents museums and galleries as anContinue reading “guggenheim”

brooklyn museum

Myself.  Shoes and art, two of my favorite things wrapped into one. The Brooklyn Museum had a High-Heels and Sneaker Exhibit that I just had to go to. Knowing how much I wanted to go, I asked a special person to go with me. Reluctantly, he went. Its notable to mention, I’ve been to theContinue reading “brooklyn museum”

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