pollo-a-la-brasa | Peruvian style roast chicken

pollo-a-la-brasa y aji verde

I know what you’re thinking, its a roasted chicken, what’s so special about it, right? Wrong! This is the last recipe you will ever need for a roasted chicken. Once you marinate your chicken Peruvian-style with the accompanying green sauce, you will never want to cook it or eat it any other way. The flavor-profile that goes into this marinade wakes up your taste buds. This marinade boasts ingredients such as cumin, jalepeno chili peppers and cilantro.

I have personally made the above recipe and was not disappointed. As a bonus, this is the only online recipe I found that shows you have to make the accompanying green sauce. If you ever been to a Peruvian restaurant, you know there’s no segundo without aji.

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