rack of lamb | costillas de cordero


This is my favorite lean protein to make and it makes me feel extra fancy when I cook it. I’ve tried different recipes, and this is hands-down my favorite because I’m a garlic-lover and when followed, the recipe will allow your protein to finish with the most amazingly flavorful crust. But I would make a couple of alterations to this recipe that I’ve picked up from other versions and personal preference.

First, although lamb itself is lean, rack of lamb tends to be covered in a nice chunk of fat, which helps your protein stay nice and moist in this recipe. However, I recommend scoring and Frenching your rack of lamb. I’ve included a video and example of both processes below.

<<< Score your rack of lamb
repeat the process on the same side in a cross-section (opposite) pattern

You can ask your butcher to eliminate the fat and meat so the ribs are exposed, French method, but some already come this way. You will have to score the protein yourself. Either way, both are quick and easy.Lastly, this is garlic-crusted lamb, which calls for minced garlic, chopped rosemary and thyme. I use crushed or pureed garlic so it can penetrate better, and finely chop both the thyme and rosemary. Mix the 3 with olive oil and follow the rest of marinade and cooking instructions. Pair with easy sides, rack of lamb is the star on the plate, and enjoy!

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